Eco-Performance Intention Yoga Mat

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Eco-Perfomance 5mm Intention BREATHE  Mat


Natural rubber construction with Eco-Performance top.


72" x 27"




Approx. 3lb

The minimalist design of our Eco-Performance Intention Mat creates the visual clarity you seek, all while providing a gentle visible intention reminder to remain present on your mat. No longer worry about slipping or finding discomfort on your mat the 5mm thickness provides comfort on all surfaces while the natural rubber base construction provides firmness needed for balance and inversions. 

Caring for your BASK mat

  1. Keep it clean, use plain water or water with mild dish soap highly diluted with a microfiber towel to clean your mat. Do not use any mat cleaner or essential oils to clean the surface of your mat as it may decrease the the durability and performance of the mat. 
  2. Let the mat air dry after use and cleaning, do not let the mat sit out in the sun for prolonged periods of time. Do not leave the mat rolled up to dry.
  3. Roll the mat up with the logo side facing outwards so that your mat lays flat when it is being used again.